PCOM October 25, 2023

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood “Taufan” Daily Report (18)

On the 18th  Day of the Israeli Genocide in Gaza

  • On the eighteenth day of the Israeli aggression in Gaza, the Israeli Occupation is accused of perpetrating genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. The Western countries are complicit in these actions by providing political support, which has been ongoing since the occupation’s establishment on Palestinian land in previous decades.
  • Additionally, the Israeli Occupation Authorities are blamed for the killing of Hamas member Omar Daraghmeh, who was killed in their custody within a week of his detention, even though he had no prior health issues. The responsibility for his murder is placed directly on the Israeli Occupation.
  • The Gaza Strip is facing severe challenges, including power shortages, a lack of fuel for generators, and shortages of medicines and medical supplies. As a result, 12 hospitals in Gaza, including Beit Hanoun Hospital, Martyr Muhammad Al-Durrah Hospital, Happy Yemen Hospital, International Eye Hospital, and others, are completely non-operational. Moreover, 32 primary healthcare centres are closed for the same reasons.
  • Hospital bed occupancy rates in Gaza have exceeded capacity, with rates reaching 112% in the Gaza Strip’s hospitals and 147% in the largest hospital, Al-Shifa Hospital. This has forced the treatment of patients and the wounded in tents and hospital corridors.
  • Since the beginning of the Israeli aggression, exhausted Gaza hospitals have performed over 2,600 emergency surgeries, significantly more than their capacity can handle. These surgeries took place in six hospitals, with the majority (38%) at Al-Shifa Hospital.
  • Furthermore, there have been continued Israeli bombardments of homes and families, resulting in more than 644 targeted families and 4,294 casualties, constituting 74% of the total number of casualties.
  • The situation is dire, with 704 citizens losing their lives in a single day due to 400 raids, while 1,024 individuals were injured, of which 70% were children, women, and the elderly. The total number of casualties since the aggression’s outset is staggering, with 5,719 casualties, including 2,360 children and 1,585 women and elders.
  • The Israeli Occupation’s aggression extends to the West Bank, where 468 checkpoints hinder movement between Palestinian villages, leading to 98 casualties, over 1,773 injuries, and 1,235 detentions since the start of the Israeli aggression. Additionally, settler assaults have reached 232 against Palestinian people.

In a press statement, Salamah Ma’rouf, the Head of the Government’s Media Office, stated that the deliberate targeting of civilians by the Nazi occupation reflects their political, security, and military bankruptcy. He also expressed concern about the international community’s silence, which has emboldened the occupation to continue its aggression and urged the world to take action. Marouf highlighted the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza, emphasizing the need for immediate intervention to stop the humanitarian crisis. He criticized the failure of international resolutions to address the situation and questioned the application of international laws and values when it comes to Palestinian rights. Marouf stressed that the world is closely watching the Israeli occupation’s crimes against humanity and called for a reevaluation of the international system’s credibility and countries’ commitment to human rights.

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