PCOM October 26, 2023

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood “Taufan” Daily Report (19)

On the nineteenth day of the Israeli aggression in Gaza

  • The Israeli Occupation’s efforts to depict the Palestinian resistance as akin to ISIS failed, as evident in the statement of released Israeli captive Yocheved Lifshitz, who countered the Occupation’s narrative by highlighting the humane treatment she experienced while in captivity. The fact that the Israeli media criticized Mrs Lifshitz’s statements, which were not subject to censorship, underscores the deceit and manipulation at play.
  • Due to the Israeli Occupation’s blatant violations of international and humanitarian laws, the already struggling healthcare system in the besieged Gaza Strip, under a 17-year blockade, has collapsed.
  • In a separate incident, Palestinian detainee Arif Hamdan, aged 24, was subjected to systematic torture in Israeli Occupation prisons and died two days after his arrest. This tragic event followed the martyrdom of prisoner Omar Daraghmeh, part of a widespread arrest campaign that has affected over 1,200 Palestinian citizens in the West Bank since the start of the aggression.
  • The Israeli Occupation has intensified its direct attacks on food security in Gaza, including preventing the entry of food supplies and deliberately targeting bakeries and food stores.
  • The amount of explosives dropped on Gaza has exceeded 12,000 tons, equivalent to the size of the nuclear bomb the USA used on Hiroshima. Considering that Gaza’s area is only 365 square kilometres, this translates to 33 tons dropped per square kilometre.
  • The scarcity of electricity, water, and fuel means that the amount of water available to Gaza residents is less than a quarter of their daily water requirement, roughly half a litre per person.
  • Continuous Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) bombardment of homes and families has resulted in more than 37 targeted families, leading to 4,077 martyrs (representing 74% of the total number of martyrs).
  • In one day alone, the intensive bombardment of Gaza resulted in 756 casualties, including 344 children and over 159 women and elderly individuals, along with 1,142 injuries, 70% of whom are children, women, and elders.
  • The cumulative number of martyrs since the onset of the Israeli aggression until 11:59 pm yesterday reached 6,547, comprising 2,704 children (41% of total martyrs) and 1,741 women and elderly individuals (27% of martyrs), not including those still trapped under the rubble.
  • The total number of injured individuals since the beginning of the aggression until 11:59 pm yesterday reached 17,439, with 5,770 children (33% of total injuries) and 5,205 women and elderly individuals (30% of injuries). There are still many individuals at risk, and this figure does not encompass those trapped under the rubble.
  • The Israeli Occupation is intensifying its aggression against the Palestinian people in the West Bank, erecting 468 checkpoints that hinder movement between Palestinian villages, resulting in the martyrdom of 98 individuals, injuries to over 1,773, and the detention of 1,235 people since the commencement of the ongoing aggression. Additionally, Israeli settlers’ assaults have increased to 232.

We call upon Arab and Muslim Ummah and the global community to take a firm and unambiguous stance in supporting the Palestinian resistance within international organizations. It is imperative to hold the international community accountable for its failure to implement UN resolutions aimed at a just resolution to the Palestinian issue, including the right of refugees to return, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, and exposing the false narrative propagated by the Israeli Occupation. Furthermore, we encourage these countries to reject any international resolution that compromises the Palestinian people’s right to resist the occupation, which lies at the heart of the region’s instability, using all available means. It is essential to activate international laws that recognize and uphold this right. The stated and unstated objectives of the ongoing Israeli Occupation’s aggression will ultimately prove futile in the face of the unwavering determination of our people and their resistance.

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