PCOM October 23, 2023

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood “Taufan” Daily Report (16)

Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds as Israeli Occupation Continues Aggression in Gaza and the West Bank

  • On the sixteenth day of the genocidal war in Gaza, following 16 days of intense warfare, the Israeli Occupation is committing crimes against over 2.35 million citizens. They are systematically targeting and killing civilians, subjecting them to inhumane living conditions aimed at eradicating the population in Gaza. This includes depriving them of essential necessities like water, medicine, food, and electricity.
  • The living conditions in the already besieged Gaza Strip remain dire, and the 20 aid trucks that recently entered the Strip are far from meeting the minimum requirements. During the siege, 500 trucks used to enter Gaza daily, so these 20 trucks covered only 0.25% of the basic needs.
  • The Israeli Occupation has intensified its attacks on markets, which already suffer from a severe shortage of food supplies. The Nuseirat and Khan Yunis markets were targeted, resulting in numerous casualties and the destruction of large portions of these markets. Additionally, 15 gatherings of citizens in markets and near bakeries were documented as being targeted.
  • For 16 consecutive days, the Israeli Occupation has been notably targeting children, with 1,873 killed and more than 4,600 wounded, while over 730 children are still missing, many of them buried under the rubble.
  • Places of worship have not been spared, with 31 mosques destroyed and severe damage to 10 others. The Greek Orthodox Church and three other churches were also damaged.
  • More than a third of the buildings in Gaza have been damaged, with over 15,000 housing units completely destroyed and 13,000 severely damaged. As a result of the continued bombings on safe homes and families, the number of targeted families has exceeded 574, resulting in 3,603 casualties, including 83 families with more than 10 members among the martyrs.
  • The number of casualties just in the most recent day reached 266 citizens, including 117 children and more than 87 women and elderly individuals, in addition to 684 injuries, 71% of which are children, women, and elderly.
  • Since the start of the aggression, there have been 4,651 casualties, including 1,873 children (40% of the total), and 1,390 women and elderly (30% of the casualties). This count does not include those still trapped under rubble.
  • Since the beginning of the aggression, the number of injured individuals has reached 14,245, including 4,604 children (32% of the total) and 4,410 women and elderly (31% of the injured). Many injured individuals are still in danger, and this doesn’t account for those still trapped under the rubble.
  • The number of missing individuals, as of the most recent data, is 1,500 citizens, most of whom are still believed to be trapped under debris.
  • In addition to Gaza, the Israeli Occupation is escalating its aggression in the West Bank, leading to 92 casualties, over 1,400 injuries, and the arrest of 1,250 individuals since the start of the ongoing aggression.

On the sixteenth day of the Israeli aggression, the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) stated:

  • Despite the brutal actions of the Israeli Occupation against Palestinian civilians, including the use of internationally prohibited weapons, we remain committed to Islamic and humanitarian principles and international agreements regarding civilians in our custody. We ensure their humane treatment and release without charges as soon as security conditions allow.
  • There will be no negotiations or talks about captured enemy combatants until the aggression ceases.
  • Our people will never surrender or raise the white flag; victory is our goal.

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