PCOM October 22, 2023

Operation Al-Aqsa Flood “Taufan” Daily Report (15)

Continuing Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza: Urgent Calls for International Action

  • On the fifteenth day of the Israeli aggression in Gaza, the genocide against its 2.35 million citizens continues. This ongoing crime has targeted various aspects of life, including infrastructure, service institutions, hospitals, schools, universities, banks, bakeries, and roads. Additionally, entire neighbourhoods have been destroyed.
  • The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have targeted more than 135,000 residential buildings, which represent 33% of the structures in the Gaza Strip. Of these, over 15,000 residential units have been completely destroyed, and more than 12,000 units have been severely damaged and are no longer habitable.
  • The number of missing individuals is still rising, with over 1,400 people reported missing, including 725 children, most of whom are believed to be trapped under the rubble.
  • The IOF has also continued to target educational institutions, with 160 schools affected. The severe shortage of civil defence equipment, along with the direct targeting of civil defence workers by the IOF, has impeded rescue efforts and increased Palestinian casualties.
  • The IOF’s bombardment of homes and families has resulted in over 550 targeted families, leading to 3,353 martyrs, including 80 families with more than 10 members among the victims.
  • In just one day, the number of martyrs reached 248 citizens, including 95 children, more than 83 women, and elderly individuals and 399 injured, with 66% being children, women, and elderly.
  • Since the beginning of the aggression, there have been 4,385 martyrs, including 1,756 children (40% of the total), and 1,315 women and elders (30% of the martyrs). These figures do not include those still trapped under the rubble.
  • The number of injured individuals since the start of the aggression has reached 13,561, including 4,378 children (32% of the total) and 4,250 women and elders (31% of the injured). Many of the injured are still in danger, and this count does not include those trapped under the rubble.
  • On Friday, October 20, 2023, a woman and her daughter, both holding American citizenship, were handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) following a decision by the Hamas leadership to close the file of civilians in their custody if appropriate security conditions are met.
  • Furthermore, the Israeli Occupation has continued to directly target Palestinian people in the West Bank, resulting in 88 martyrs, more than 1,684 injured, and the arrest of 1,145 individuals since the beginning of the ongoing aggression.

As the relentless Zionist aggression persists, bolstered by unwavering American-Western support that often employs double standards, discriminates between different communities and faiths when it comes to human rights, and unjustly applies international law and humanitarian principles, we earnestly urge the global community to rectify this imbalance and advocate for the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. We implore the international community to work towards the realization of the Palestinian people’s rightful aspirations, including the establishment of an independent Palestinian state encompassing the entire Palestinian territory, with al-Quds as its capital.

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